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RTK 1 Live

Kosovo Radio Television is the public broadcaster in Kosovo. RTK operates five channels and two radio stations broadcasting a variety of news, entertainment and four 24-hour television broadcast services on terrestrial and satellite networks. RTK replaced Radio Television of Prishtina, which ceased functioning in July 1990. After UNMIK assumed the administration of Kosovo in June 1999 and re-worked the former RTP staff, RTK started broadcasting in September 1999 through analogue satellite on PAL and SECAM broadcasts with a two-hour daily broadcast, extending four hours a day in November 2000, with programming mostly in Albanian and once a day in Serbian and Turkish. Next July, he expanded to seven hours a day and began offering programming in Bosnian.

Tvsh Live

Radio Televizioni Shqiptar (English: Albanian Radio and Television – RTSH) is the public broadcaster of Albania, founded in 1938 in Tirana. RTSH runs two analogue television stations RTSH 1 and RTSH 2 (formerly known as TVSH and TVSH 2, standing for Televizioni Shqiptar), It runs 2 DVB-T2 multiplexers, one national with the RTSH channels and the second one for local channels. There are 12 TV channels in the first multiplexer and 5 radio channels. RTSH also runs a Satellite Multiplexer with 6 channels, RTSH 1 is the flagship generalist channel. RTSH 2 is dedicated niche communities, including cultural and ethnic minorities, broadcasting news editions in Greek, Montenegrin and Aromanian. RTSH 3, formerly known as RTSH Sat, is dedicated to Albanians living abroad. RTSH also has dedicated channels, for news (RTSH-24), sports, musics, children, etc. In addition, four regional radio and TV stations serve local areas in Gjirokastër, Korçë, Kukës, and Shkodër. The international radio service…